How To Build A Successful Business
Here's Some Of The Best Advice I Know
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It’s a very broad question, but a lot of people ask me for help with how to build a successful business.

Three Easy Tips for Better Business Referrals
It’s critically important that people know you, your business, and what you do.

When it comes to finding a product or service to help us out, most of us tap into our friends and colleagues to find out who they know.

The Problem With Inbound Marketing
It's Hard To Deliver With A Content Machine
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I’ve been promoting the concept of inbound marketing for about ten years now.

Why You Must Armor Your Online Reputation
Try To Slow Down Assaults
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We talk about how much all our clients would have benefited from taking our calls well before their sundry crises struck.

Stay On Top Of Business Change Or Risk Failure
At the rate things change these days, your business could be a hit one-day and a failure the next.

Think about the businesses you know that don’t exist anymore.

When Should You Start Building Your Social Networks?
No Marketing Effort Should Begin Without A Plan
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During a neighborhood gathering I met a small business owner and he proceeded to tell me his troubles.

Is Outsourcing Your Content Marketing Evil?
Outsourcing Is An Essential Marketing Tactic

More than ever small businesses are using some form of content marketing to promote themselves.

Is AirPR the future of public relations for small businesses?
Is It To Good To Be True?

A couple weeks ago I stumbled upon an interesting–and new–concept in the world of PR.

Make Video Part Of Your Social Media Marketing
You Always Want To Reach Your Customers Where They Are

If you’re not using video in your social media marketing, what are you waiting for?

How to Find a New Web Host for Your Small Business
If You're Not Getting What You Need, It's Time To Make A Change
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The phone’s ringing off the hook, your only employee didn’t show up today and your website and email just crashed.

Stop this common mistake from ruining your reputation
It’s not OK to waste other people’s time

Work hard to avoid being late. Make punctuality a high priority.

How to Write Benefits-led Copy
It's Not As Straightforward As You Think
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How many times have you heard that the best copy focuses on the benefits of your product or service?

What Type Of Clients Do You Choose To Work With?
The Key Is That You Decide

Are you working with the right type of clients or customers, doing work that inspires you and rewards you on every level?

How to get the most from the feedback you receive
One of the master skills for business success, is understanding how feedback works.
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Whenever you get feedback from anyone regarding your business or your plans, always, always take their lens into account.

Small Business Q&A On SEO And Content Marketing
A Conversation With Chamber Of Commerce Executives
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There’s so much information being produced and promoted plus a growing array options for consuming content that standing out can be a real challenge.

We Need to Evangelize More About Content Marketing
Ideas For Actions You Can Take

I’ve really ramped up my content marketing activities in the past six months and have learned a lot.

Are You Measuring the Right Things For Business Success
Make Sure You Know What's Working

Are you measuring the right things in your business so you can make sure you’re on track for success?

You’re Not Scared: You Just Need The Right Strategy
What Should Small Business Owners Do?

We live in a golden age of marketing, with amazing opportunities for you to grow a hugely successful business.

How to Thoroughly Spy On Your Competition
Do Occasional Deep Analysis And Semi-Occasional Check Ins

Most small business don’t know much at all about what their greatest competitors.

Don’t Hide When You Hit Hard Times In Your Business
Important Steps To Get Back On Track

Every small business has ups and downs.

The Winner’s Guide To Business Success
Improve At Least One Key Area Every Day

Would you like to attract more high quality clients and earn higher fees?

Will Your Business Sizzle or Fizzle This Summer?
Get Your Business On Track

Well, summer is officially here according to the calendar.