Can You Build a Business Today Without Social
You Cannot Live Without Social

See, I still get asked that kind of question pretty much every day.

5 Out-Of-The-Box Ideas That Will Boost Your Team’s Creativity
Creativity Is The Lifeblood Of Your Business

Last week, I participated in a panel discussion on creativity for the Minnesota PRSA chapter.

Stop Trying To Please Everyone. Seriously. Stop it!
Focus On Your ideal Client

The message behind today’s marketing post may sound a little counter intuitive.

How Would You Change Your Business, If You Didn’t Need To Earn A Penny?
Think About Your Business In A New Way

There’s real power in that question.

How Can I Get My Local Business to Rank Higher in Search?
Better Rankings For Your Business Takes Some Work

For today’s answer I wish I could say there was some magic pixie dust.

Tweet Scheduling and Google Helps Facebook Ad Targeting
News You Should Know

On Monday, Twitter announced a new feature for ad-buying users: native tweet scheduling.

What Happens When You Cross Social Media with Stand Up Comedy?
Your Marketing Must Inform And Educate

Have we gotten more stupider or has social media just made it seem so?

11 Big Myths About Social Media and Content Marketing
It's Time To Crush Them

Much of what we’ve come to believe about social media and content marketing is wrong.

Why Most Small Businesses Go Broke AND How To Avoid It
Don't Make These Fatal Mistakes

Many people ask me why it is that most small businesses fail.

10 Practical Uses for Landing Pages
Landing Pages Are A Foundational Element Of Marketing

I like landing pages a bunch.

The Death of Keyword Data
Is Google Forcing Marketers To Use AdWords?

Google has been playing again according to a recent post on HubSpot’s Inbound Marketing blog.

The Best Ways to Educate Employees About the Future of Work and Collaboration
Here Are Some Valuable Ways To Educate And Train

The best ways to educate employees on the value and benefit of collaboration.

How To Pick the Right Enterprise Collaboration Vendor
8 Common Variables That Most Companies Use To Evaluate Vendors

Chess Media Group is excited to release our latest whitepaper on how to select an enterprise collaboration software vendor.

The Secret to Building the Most Profitable Business Possible
You've Got To Be Different And Remarkable At The Same Time

Perhaps the most important marketing step any business can take is to discover a way to be different.

Why We Should All Learn To Program A Computer
Learning To Code Is Important For Three Reasons

A friend of mine who is in high school asked me – “what is one piece of advice you could give me?”

How to Fix a “Broken Brand” with Social
Tap Into People's Natural Excitement And Need To Share

Read on for some of the highlights and tweetable moments.

How To Attract The Attention And Interest Of Your Marketplace
Giving And Receiving Starts With Giving

If you would like to attract the attention and interest of your marketplace, this post is just for you.

Meeting Requirements vs Meeting Needs
Focus On Communication

A while ago I was meeting with a prospective client who told me about how much trouble they were having with their collaboration efforts at his company.

Are You Making Marketing Claims That Don’t Stand Up?
Stop Trying To Fool Your Customers

I hate to pick on a company in particular, but I honestly think that many companies cross the line.

Why Your Competitors Are Winning
Proactively Initiate New Processes, Procedures And Experiences

Smart marketers employ some form of competitive research in an effort to better understand what they are up against.

4 Types of Referral Programs Every Business Needs
Referral Generation Should Be Baked Into Everything

I get asked to talk about referrals quite often — in fact, I’ll be doing Referral Engine presentations with two distinctly different audiences this week.

How to Make Sure You’re Delivering Quality Customer Service
Have you ever been disappointed in the quality of something you purchased?

We all know that it’s the unhappy customers that complain.