June 27, 2017

Pain Plus Problems Equals Startup Profit

I have just stolen/adapted that headline from Christine Comaford-Lynch of Mighty Ventures

It is the opening title of the first email that she sends to new subscribers to her email list, and goes on to say

But remember: it’s not enough to just "diagnose" that pain.
People have to perceive it as a problem in search of a
cure. Only then will they open their wallets to get that
pain removed.

and a little later on

–Find a problem that needs fixing.
–Dig deep into the problem to find out what the real
core need is and the best way to solve it.
–Take the first step to creating that solution.

Coffee Break

I had just popped out of my office to make a quick coffee, and I was thinking about how to address the needs of a segment of my core audience. I am not just read by a bunch of SEOs and Affiliate marketers, there are also a few Venture Capitalists, technology bloggers, startup founders and social media consultants to add into the mix of my lively community.

Whilst some of what I cover relates to them, many of the products and services I mention don’t.

I was thinking:-

  • Where is the home study course about startups?
  • Where is the membership coaching about startups?
  • What training is available for startups?

Even better if it could include Business Plan Assessment and Pitch Critique Consulting

So I got back to my computer, read an email that just arrived from Keith Wellman, read the sales letter, went on to do some searching on one of the presenters, and discovered that Christine Comaford-Lynch even has an affiliate program.

With some of her material there is certainly an overlap with Rich Schefren, some training related to general business building, however Christine seems to offer some useful (maybe unique?) training material and services.

Rules For Renegades Summit

Under 2 weeks away, the Rules For Renegades Summit looks like a bargain. It is not quite free, you have to make a deposit of $100 per person, which is refunded using vouchers at the even.

June 6th and 7th, 2008 in Irvin California

There is also what seems to be on the surface a crazy deal – Deposit + VIP Dinner + VIP Hotseat for $697

The VIP Hotseat seems to be similar to doing a presentation at Demo or Techcrunch 40/50 – or maybe doing a dry run with an earlier stage startup, but still infront of an audience – it might not be an audience of VCs, but it is California, and a business seminar, so no doubt there will be a few angels in the audience and Christine does some investment herself.

Also it will be a more friendly environment, because Christine would be looking to help you improve your pitch.

This event is certainly on the cheaper end of the scale, so I would expect various product offerings but there is nothing forcing you to spend more than your $100 voucher.

Other Startup Related Materials

Christine’s Secrets To Startup Success looks interesting though compared to the "value" offered by many internet marketing courses these days might seem a little thin.
Then again the cost is less than I have paid for 1 hour with a lawyer, everything is relative, and this might not be looked on as such as "mass market" product.

Christine offers everything from simple audio products through to specific pitch critiques and business plan evaluations – it is true you might be able to pitch 20 VCs for free (if you can get in the door) but they might not tell you what exactly is wrong with your offering, and ways to fix it. That seems like a high value proposition to me.

Before Writing This Article

Whilst I haven’t met Christine, or purchased any of her products yet, I did spend some time this evening on further research. I read a number of her articles on Business Week and it seems Yanik Silver was her top affiliate in January – I must have missed that mailing. Yanik is fairly picky about his mailings, unless he is trying to sell a car on Ebay 😉 and even then it is normally a great deal.

On the negative side, conferences in California are two-a-penny, but I feel for a startup in the area, it is something worth considering.

This just piqued my interest and the timing of receiving a mailing on a related, though much more limited offering just after I was thinking of doing some research, having grabbed a coffee, just encouraged me to sit up until 3am writing a blog post.

What I would love to see is Christine moving the free line a little (online), and adding a public blog to complement her writing on Business Week and elsewhere.

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