August 23, 2017

SEO in This Economy

I was researching a different article this morning, and stumbled across this one from the beginning of the year written by Lee Odden of Top Rank Online Marketing in which he references another article in Target Marketing Magazine. The article for being written nearly a year ago, seems strangley even more appropriate now than when it was written.

Anyhow, the article deals with SEO tips for hard economic times, which obviously we are smack-dab in the middle of currently, and Lee highlights the following key tips:

– Create a Content Promotion Plan
– Make It Easy to Publish and Promote New Content
– “Get” Social Media
– Unify Your Efforts With Universal Search

After going through these tips, the article seems strangely even more timely condidering all of the talk about "getting" social media that has resonated in recent memory, as well as the rise of universal search, which has also been a hot topic of discussion  as we head into a new year full of wonder and anticipation surrounding how the search industry will change.

Read the article and get some more useful information regarding the above tips.

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5 Comments on SEO in This Economy

  1. Now taht things are a bit leaner we all focus more on how to SEO in this economy but the fact is – the same rules apply as always did – we’ve just gotten lazy when things were great and we’re paying more attention now as we ahve to fight for the few dollars that are there. 🙂


  2. hi Chris,
    I have to laugh at the third piece of advice because it says so much in three words: “get” social marketing. I couldn’t have said it better, even though I don’t “get” it fully yet. Still, I recognize the importance of social marketing and one of my resolutions this year is to “get” it! 🙂
    Something tells me with the tough economy that less people will be going out and/or going to a trade show, and more will be going online and looking for better deals online, so seo is more important today than ever before! Thanks for a good post. ~ Steve, trade show marketing advice

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