Small Business News Tastes bizSugar

Social media opened to small business

A social news site emulates the Digg model and offers small business people a focused web presence for issues of interest to them.

bizSugar launched with the goal of reaching small and medium businesses with a social media presence dedicated to business interests.

Built on Pligg, by DBH Communications, Inc., of Kansas City, bizSugar works in a similar fashion to Digg and sites like it. People submit stories and other registered users vote on the ones they like (giving them a little sugar, ha ha.) Stories they don’t like can be given a Sour Vote.

The site launched in mid-2007, but recently received a little PR push from its creator. From our observation, bizSugar has a very small core of users and contributors.

We would like to see more small business people engage in social media, and enjoy the benefit of gaining and sharing useful information. The Digg Business category may be a little too broad to accomplish this for all but the most appealing, widely reported stories.

Plenty of useful stories come from smaller outlets, and bizSugar should be a good place to share them. Like any community site, bizSugar suffers from the chicken or egg question of content versus audience. It needs a grass roots effort to promote it to other connected small business entrepreneurs.

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