August 21, 2017

Small Business SEO with Rich Media

I’ve discussed repeatedly the use of small business online video. It can improve your search rankings, but it’s not the only kind of rich media that can do so.

Dev Basu posted an interesting article at Search Engine Journal today that examines how to leverage rich media to quickly boost search engine rankings.

He discusses video (and adding sub-titles to increase viewing times), but he also talks about:

– Images
– Presentations/Powerpoints, and
– Spreadsheets and Scanned Marketing Material

Basu notes that one in five searches is an image search. It doesn’t take a genius to see why this could be beneficial for getting traffic to your site. He offers tips on using images like including alt tags and optimizing file names, adding images to Google Local Business profiles, enabling Google Image Labeler in Google Webmaster Tools, adding images to local business citation sources, and adding images to blog posts/news articles for Google News syndication.

He also says that repurposing internal documents for public usage is a good way to get rankings. He talks about that and converting spreadsheets/scanned flyers, brochures, etc to searchable materials. It’s worth a read for some tips on easy things you can do to help your search rankings.

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