August 21, 2017

Small Business Success Telesummit Tips

Wow! So much fantastic info was shared by the 12 small business experts (including me) at the Telesummit I feel totally inspired and excited to get to work taking their advice. It was like being handed a whole bucketful of golden nuggets to invest in my business.

In case you weren’t able to be on all the calls live, I thought I’d share a sampling of my favorite tips and ideas here. There were so many powerful bits of wisdom offered by the speakers that it’s going to take me more than one newsletter to even give you a taste.

So this week I’ve got tips from the first half of the Telesummit.  Be on the lookout for more tips from the second half of the Small Business Success Telesummit next week…

1) Shannon Cherry “The Power Publicist” shared an incredible idea for getting your business written up in major magazines…

Rather than relying solely on press releases or responding to PR queries (which are great too!), write a letter to the editor. Editors are always looking for letters to publish since they serve as testimonials and/or social proof that people are reading their publication. And letters to the editor is one of the most read sections of any magazine or newspaper.

So choose a magazine that you know your ideal clients read, and start keeping up with the latest news, articles and reviews. Then when you read an article you either agree or disagree with strongly, or have something to say on the subject, write a letter and send it in.  Be sure to include your Website URL and business name in your signature.

Simple. Smart. Powerful. LOVE IT!

2) Turn that busyness into more business. “New Business Mentor” Leah Grant shared a terrific formula for deciding how much time you should be spending on various tasks in your business.

She suggested you track how you spend your time each day in 30 minute to 1-hour increments (I use the time clock in QuickBooks to do this).

Then look at your task list and divide it into these five categories:

> Cash Creation/Marketing
> Admin
> Foundational, Big Picture Strategy and Planning
> Service Delivery (or Product Creation)
> Management

According to Leah you should be spending 85% of your time on Cash Creation/Marketing and Service Delivery/Product Creation (and I couldn’t agree more!). Admin should get 10% or less, and the rest of your time should be allotted to Foundational work and Management.

I know that might not be what you signed up for when you started a business, but it really is what you need to do if you want your business to thrive!

3) From “The Savvy Networker”, Zita Gustin, came these words of wisdom that work equally well whether you’re networking live or online:

— Networking is not a sales activity…It’s a marketing activity. If you enter any networking situation solely trying to make sales you’re going to be disappointed with the results. However, if you network in an effort to build brand awareness, meet new people and be a helpful connection (or connector) then you’re going to be thrilled with the results. —

So true. So true.

4) From social networking expert Nancy Marmolejo comes this tip that’s resonated with a number of people on that call (judging by their tweets on their subject). This is one you can apply in every aspect of your life—not just your social networking efforts or business-building efforts…

“If you’ve made mistakes, forgive yourself and move on.” These are words to heed indeed, because you can always change things for the better, right?!?!

5) Here’s one that made me feel much better about the piles on my desk. This powerful tip is from Susan Lannis, founder of Organization Plus!

Susan says, “Organization isn’t about being tidy per se…It’s about having good systems and processes to support your workflow.”

Basically, those piles are fine as long as you can find what you need, when you need it. Whew! See, I told you you’d feel better.

But don’t kid yourself. If you’re constantly wasting time and getting stressed out searching for things, you need better systems.

6) PR expert Dianna Ennen, founder of Virtual Word Publishing, shared a terrific little tip I’m excited to make use of….

Both and – two of the best known article submission sites—now also accept press releases.

If you’re already doing, or thinking of doing, article submissions online you might as well take advantage of this helpful feature to create more links back to your site. And even if you’re not, these sites and other PR submission sites like can help you spread the word.



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