April 30, 2016

Study Connects Failure, Lack Of Online Activity

A disclaimer: we’re not claiming this is altogether accurate.  Or even mostly right.  But according to a new study, the leading cause of failure when it comes to American small businesses is a simple lack of online activity.

SiteKreator reached that conclusion after studying 100,000 websites.  And yes, you can guess from SiteKreator’s name what field it specializes in, and the fact SiteKreator studied only websites made the study biased and imperfect from the start.

Still, the company said in a statement, "54% of small businesses update their websites less than once a month."  Also, "As few as five updates a month will increase website traffic by up to 300%," and "[i]ntegrating Facebook in the website results in 400% more traffic than using paid search."

Results like that are hard to dismiss.  Small business owners can’t expect that making a few status updates will earn them millions of dollars, of course, but the traffic numbers are perhaps plausible and could lead to increased sales.

It’s definitely food for thought and reason to conduct a test, at least.

Ivaylo Lenkov, the founder and CEO of SiteKreator, observed, "We see it over and over again, small businesses who are either disengaged online or not online at all, do not grow at the same rates as those who have invested in an online presence."

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