Before Any of the Tactics Matter Answer These 3 Questions
How do you make strategy simple?

Most business owners think marketing and immediately think email, copy, Facebook and promotions – you know, tactics.

Why Facebook May Be The MOST Cost-Effective Marketing Option For Small Businesses
Is Facebook Still An Effective Marketing Tool?

The big stat: Facebook engagement has dropped by as much as 44% in some cases.

Tweet Scheduling and Google Helps Facebook Ad Targeting
News You Should Know

On Monday, Twitter announced a new feature for ad-buying users: native tweet scheduling.

How to Fix a “Broken Brand” with Social
Tap Into People's Natural Excitement And Need To Share

Read on for some of the highlights and tweetable moments.

Facebook is Getting More Two-Faced By the Day
Facebook's Announcements At Opposite Ends Of The Philosophical Spectrum
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I talked with Kyle Lacy of ExactTarget about two new announcements from Facebook.

Why You Must Add Visual Content to the Mix
Marketers must now use visual content
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Sites like Pinterest and The Fancy rely on lots of pretty picture to tell stories and attract visitors.

Forget About Social Media For A Moment. What’s Your Mobile Strategy?
Mobile Now Represents A Means To An End

Facebook hit a billion users! Twitter is the new digital water cooler! Youtube is the future of TV! Ok, you get it right?

What Most Small Businesses Are Doing Wrong on Social Media (And 5 Tips For Success)
Most try to take advantage of trends, but few reap the rewards

I’m taking some vacation time this week and I’m actually going to stand waist deep in the Columbia River in Oregon …

A Facebook Like Does Not Equal an Opt-in
A social brand is not a social business. Read on to discover the differences.
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I’m writing this post while visiting Antwerp, Belgium as part of the Social Business Sessions I’m hosting along with The Fusion Marketing …

Facebook Now Has a Post Scheduler and an Admin Hierarchy
Marketers Will Welcome This New Feature

This one feature will certainly be welcomed by marketers who were struggling with third party posting tools. Facebook has added …

7 Quick Tips to Boost Your Facebook Ad Performance
Make your campaign stand out

Facebook has proven to be a great source of cost effective traffic for many advertisers. But as the Facebook advertising …

5 Ways to Create Even More Facebook Engagement
Quality Over Quantity

Search around even casually and it’s likely you will find lots of people talking about how to get more Facebook …

How to Cross Post From Twitter to Your Facebook Page
Or Should Everything Be Unique?

One of the questions I get asked by clients who are developing a social media strategy is should I cross …

14 Ways New Facebook Betrays Small Business
Is The Timeline Good Or Bad for Small Businesses?

I get it. The IPO is coming, and even though Facebook is the largest seller of online advertising, it has …

Combining Social Media Tools for Ultimate Marketing Dominance
Reach More Customers Than Before
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Social media is fast becoming one of the best ways to create awareness of your small business and let customers …

Study: How Our Eyes Look at Facebook’s Timeline vs. The Old Layout
Plus, tips for using Timeline

Facebook and changes, a story that never gets old. As a matter of fact, Facebook seems to be a huge …

14 Tips For a Successful Facebook Advertising Campaign
Getting Your Ads Noticed

Almost every time I ask a Facebook user who is not a marketer if they ever interact with Facebook ads, …

20 Ways To Get More Fans For Your Facebook Fan Page
Are You Using Facebook To Its Full Potential?

Facebook has tremendous potential. Of the 800 million users globally, there must be millions of your target audience using the …

Small Businesses Use Of Facebook Ads On The Rise
Facebook Ads nearly as popular as print newspaper and direct mail advertising.

MerchantCircle released the results of their latest Merchant Confidence Index last week. The study focused on two main points: small …

Study: Facebook Still the No. 1 Social Media Platform for SMB’s
Do You See Results From Facebook?

According to the Fall 2011 Attitudes and Outlook Survey from Constant contact, small businesses are becoming more savvy with social …

Facebook Changes Present Interesting Business Dilemma
What do you think?

Initially there was the Facebook persona profile and, since that was all we had, businesses jumped in and made the …

The Business Case For Facebook, In One Sentence
Should Facebook Be A Priority?

What is the most-debated question in social media today?  One candidate is, “Should my company have a Facebook page?” The tension comes from …