August 20, 2017


Could Product Image Sizes Be Costing You Sales?

August 25, 2009 Chris Crum

Google is requesting that users of Google Base submit the largest images they have of products. They prefer images at least 300×300 pixels, but they do acknowledge that a small image is better than no image at all. "When you’re considering purchasing an item online, it’s helpful to know what […]

Small Business SEO with Rich Media

March 31, 2009 Chris Crum

I’ve discussed repeatedly the use of small business online video. It can improve your search rankings, but it’s not the only kind of rich media that can do so. Dev Basu posted an interesting article at Search Engine Journal today that examines how to leverage rich media to quickly boost […]

Search Engines Don’t Like Images!

November 19, 2008 Frank Reed

I’ll keep this simple. Hold on to your hats here. I am about to lay some truth on you that is not even close to new and has been said for years now. The reason I have to say it again is because apparently many SMB’s are hard of hearing.  […]

How to Keep Your Images Out of Google

February 20, 2008 Philipp Lenssen

If you don’t want images included on your page to appear in Google, you can use the noimageindex value in the head portion of your HTML page, as shown below (note this value is not new – quite the opposite, it’s been around for years – though it’s one of […]