Intuit: Small Business Cloud Usage At 38 Percent In The UK
Study points to increasing adoption rate
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"The cloud" has become an increasingly common term over the past year or so, with all sorts of people and …

Intuit And Salesforce Focus On Small Businesses
Intuit and Salesforce partner to help small businesses
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Intuit and have formed a partnership aimed at making it easier for small businesses to manage customer information and …

Small Business Employment Trends Improve
Intuit says 50,000 jobs created in March
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Small business employment stats took a turn for the better in March, according to new data from Intuit.  Small businesses …

Small Business Employment Sees Growth In February
Hours worked also up
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Small  business employment and hours worked continued to grow in February with wages remaining flat, according to a new report …

Small Businesses Optimistic About Growth
Small business owners see growth

The majority (65%) of accounting professionals and more than half (54%) of small business owners said their companies grew in …

Small Businesses Brush Off VAT Rise
Survey finds UK firms generally not harmed

Leading up to the VAT increase in the UK, more than a few experts (and poll participants) indicated that it …

Small Business Employment Sees Positive Growth
Employment index up in January

 Small business employment grew by 0.3 percent in January, for annual growth rate of more than 4 percent according to …

Intuit Finds Small Biz Employment Up In December
57,000 jobs created, with hours worked up, as well
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Happy New Year, everyone, and for that matter, happy old year, too.  There’s good news regarding employment trends and the …

Small Business Employment Up In November
Recovery still underway
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Small business employment continued to show growth in November, although wages were down and hours worked remained flat, according to …

Small Business Employment Index Improves
More jobs, higher pay, additional hours in October
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The latest Intuit Small Business Employment Index is out, and there’s good news across the board.  It looks like small …

Small Biz Hiring Rises In September
Hours worked, pay trends pretty much flat
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So far today, the Dow hasn’t done much other than head down, but in September, hiring trends went up, according …

Small Business Hiring Up Slightly In August
Job growth up but at slow rate
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Small business employment grew slightly in August, but at a declining rate compared to solid gains made in January through …

Small Biz Employment Factors Improve In July
Hiring, wages, hours worked all up

July was an all-around good month in terms of small businesses and employment, judging by the latest Intuit Small Business …

Small Businesses Create More Jobs
Intuit finds compensation, hours worked stats also up

Small businesses were, on average, able to add employees once again last month.  According to new data from Intuit, an …

Report: 25,000 New Small Business Jobs in May
Wages Increase, Hours Decline
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Intuit, the maker of such financial software as Quicken, QuickBooks, and TurboTax, has released its monthly Small Business Employment Index …

Small Businesses Add Jobs In April
Intuit talks higher wages, more hours worked, as well
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April apparently worked out pretty well for a lot of folks who filled out applications at small businesses.  And for …

Taking A Look At Google Apps Marketplace
Utilizing Third Party Applications With Google Apps
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Google, the company which is known for their in-house apps has expanded to help third-party developers sell their applications. Earlier …

Is Small Business Employment on the Way Up?
Study Indicates Economic Rebound

Intuit, the software vendor responsible for such popular financial software like Quicken, QuickBooks, and TurboTax, has released its monthly report, …

Intuit, Microsoft Team Up On Small Biz Applications
Focus on QuickBooks and the cloud

Small business owners might see some interesting new tools coming their way in the near future courtesy of Intuit and …

Get Customers to Show Their Love
You Might Get a Grant from As a Result

Intuit, the company behind software programs like QuickBooks, Quicken, and TurboTax, has started a sweepstakes called the "Love a Local …

Is it Time to Take Risks?
It is According to the Makers of Quicken

Despite the economic downturn, there appears to be a new openness too risk-taking among small business owners. This is according …

Small Business Success By Innovation
Study Says Smaller Businesses in Better Position to Innovate

A new study has been released by Intuit and written by Emergent Research that shows a pressing need for small …