Why You Should Optimize For Customers And Not Search Engines
Acknowledge That Change Is Needed

Companies have become frustrated with the lack of cause and effect data from their SEO programs.

How Can I Get My Local Business to Rank Higher in Search?
Better Rankings For Your Business Takes Some Work

For today’s answer I wish I could say there was some magic pixie dust.

Content Marketing — How Strategy Supports Success
A Scattershot Approach Is A Great Way To Waste Resources

We love to hear clients talking about social media, SEO, blogging and email marketing, but…

Small Business Q&A On SEO And Content Marketing
A Conversation With Chamber Of Commerce Executives
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There’s so much information being produced and promoted plus a growing array options for consuming content that standing out can be a real challenge.

Integrate SEO, Social Media & Content Marketing Into Your Business
Start Small And Be Specific
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Many small businesses have implemented a variety of efforts to attract new customers and increase overall sales.

7 Tips for Getting More Local Website Traffic
Optimizing For Local Search Engine Rankings

Establishing a strong web presence is a challenge that every business owner faces. For small businesses in particular, generating local …

7 Essential Stages of Building a Total Online Presence
Step-by-Step Guide For Each Stage

There are many moving parts involved in marketing and the online elements increase in importance with each passing day. But, …

Utilizing User-Generated Content To Increase Conversion & SEO
Allow users to help convert visits for you...

For businesses, ‘conversion’ is the most important word when dealing with the online space. After all, what’s the point of …

Is Serving Clients’ Best Interest Really In Their Best Interest?
Do You Have A Mutually Beneficial Agreement?
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Those of us in the SEO industry operate by some pretty simple principles. We’re in business to help clients succeed. …

Google’s Search Plus Your World’s Impact On SEO
How Does It Effect You?

Today, Google announced social search features with a mouthful of a name: Search Plus Your World. We’ve been hearing rumblings …

Search Engine Optimization Tip
Check Your External Links

When was the last time you checked all of the external links on your web site? Who are you linking …

Holiday Season 2011 Is Over–Are You Ready For 2012?
Preparing for next year...

Whoa there, big fella!!! What do you mean that the holiday season of 2011 is over? It just got started? Heck, …

What the SEF is Your SEO Doing?
Be careful about your expectations...

I’ve worked with a number of website designers and developers over the years, many of them good people with a …

You’ve Got Traffic, So Why Aren’t You Ranking?
Is your website performing as it should?

You’ve worked so hard with your search engine optimisation strategy. All that blogging, article writing and, SEO copywriting and, rather …

An SEO’s Bill of Rights
The SEO has a right to…
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In an effort to provide clarity between SEOs and their clients, I created a bill of rights for SEO clients. …

Making the Case For SEO in a Social Media World
Does SEO Still Matter?

Sometimes we get to doing something for so long and are so involved in telling people how to do something, …

How to SEO your Content for Rankings
Content Optimization Tutorial

A lot of people have trouble figuring out the “correct” way to optimize content for keywords. Copywriters are resistant to …

Making Your “About” Page Count
How optimizing your "About" page can make all the difference

When was the last time you updated your business’s "About" page? Hopefully, it has not been long because consumers visit …

7 Ways to Drive Traffic through Direct Mail
Using offline channels for online success

Why is it that marketers struggle to blend offline and online marketing efforts? It can be very effective if done …

Getting the Most out of Your Analytics
What you should be looking for

Analytics can be very confusing and overwhelming. Most business owners recognize the importance of them but easily get bogged down …

Microsoft Releases SEO Toolkit
Offers small businesses help ranking on Bing, Yahoo, and Google

Even if you’ve already accepted the importance of SEO, think hard for a moment: when was the last time you …

AdWords Tips to Consider For the Holidays
Google Gives A Few Holiday Tips

We recently talked about the fact that consumers still had the majority of their holiday shopping left to complete. While …