August 23, 2017


Small Business Content Writing

June 7, 2012 Linda Forshaw

The modern digital landscape and the phenomenal growth of social media in recent years has resulted in the conclusion that content is king. The American entrepreneur, author and Internet marketing expert, Seth Godin famously declared that ‘content marketing is the only type of marketing that’s left.’ Thankfully, writing great content […]

The Freemium Business Model For Small Businesses

May 22, 2012 Joseph Baker

Once upon a time, business was easy. You created a product, put a price on it and sold it. Competition either tried to make the product cheaper or with different features so they looked like the better option. Nowadays, times have changed a little. Online marketing is just as important […]

6 Leadership Tips For Small Business Owners

May 1, 2012 James Martell

Being a small business owner can be rewarding in many ways but can be frustrating as well. Trust me, I know first hand! Unlike many small business owners out there, I was thrown into this lifestyle without really thinking about whether or not this was a good choice. You know […]

How an Entrepreneur Imagines the World

April 10, 2012 John Jantsch

I hang around with lots of small business owners and not all are what one would call entrepreneurs. In fact, many are simply people that happen to own a job that pays the bills. Don’t get me wrong, these are good people, really good people, but calling them entrepreneurs sort […]

Does Your Business Need A Blog?

April 5, 2012 Don Campbell

A lot of small business owners are asking themselves the same question – should I have a blog for my business? My answer is an emphatic YES – you absolutely need a blog. Here’s why: Having a static website for your business just isn’t enough if you want to rank […]

Is This Marketing Error Hurting Your Business?

March 23, 2012 Jim Connolly

The most successful small businesses have found out that there’s a decision they need to make, if they want to succeed. The decision is about where they decide to position their business: You can focus on developing a quality brand. You can focus on developing a budget brand. You can’t […]

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