Online Retailer Implements IE7 Tax
Kogan Adds Taxes For IE7 Users

Kogan (an online retail website where online shoppers can browse and buy tech-related products) has recently implemented a new process …

Top Tax Cities According To Foursquare
Where Do The Majority Of Tax Procrastinators Reside?
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As we all know, the deadline to have business and individual tax forms mailed in and submitted is not too …

Small Business Survival Index Ranks States’ Small Business Climates
Index examines states’ public policy to determine their friendliness to entrepreneurship.
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 The SBE Council, a nonpartisan small business advocacy group, recently released the findings from its annual Small Business Survival Index. …

NSBA Calls For Tax Reform
Ever-changing system labeled "unsustainable and unacceptable"

With the aid of a program like TurboTax, some people are able to gather together fewer than a dozen pieces …

Highmark Announces Health Care Reform Tax Calculator
Small businesses can investigate savings

The health care reform debate has seen politicians on both sides of the aisle throw around lots of big, dramatic …

How You Could Save This Tax Season
Reasons why this tax season might not be so bad

With the clock ticking away, tax time will be here before we know it. It’s usually a stressful time, since …

Small Businesses Brush Off VAT Rise
Survey finds UK firms generally not harmed

Leading up to the VAT increase in the UK, more than a few experts (and poll participants) indicated that it …

Small Business Owners Unhappy With UK VAT Rise
Large majority fear negative effects
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When trying to get elected, politicians generally either promise lower taxes or avoid the subject.  The average person just won’t …

IRS Releases Small Business Audit Guide
Tax advice from the agency that would know best
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Many people have suggested that the only certainties in life are death and taxes, and we can’t help much when …

House Approves Tax Relief Bill For Small Businesses
Tax relief bill aims to boost small businesses

The House of Representatives has approved the "Small Business Tax Relief Act of 2010, by 247-170.  The legislation is aimed …

More Tax Tips From The NASE
It's not too late to file for an extension (or find money)
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It’s once again getting to be that time of year when high blood pressure medication should probably be handed out …

Survey IDs Taxes As Growth Inhibitor
Many hours lost per week, too

A simplification of the tax system would benefit a vast majority of small business owners, according to the latest findings …

TurboTax Wins Comparison Test
Perhaps the best tax season option for small business owners
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Time and time again during tax season, experts recommend that people let software programs take a lot of the work …

NASE Gives Tips On Making Audits Less Painful
Attention to detail important during tax season

You’re sure to hear a lot about taxes over the next few months; this season is like Christmas for adults, …

FSB Pushes For National Insurance Rebate
Tax tweak could help increase employment at small businesses

This finding may not strike anyone as being the product of rocket science; it makes sense that something must suffer …

Free Tax Webinar Scheduled For This Week
Listen to Cliff Ennico for one hour on Wednesday

If, after dealing with all of the complications that accompany every holiday season, you have any time and energy left …

UK Conservative Party Proposes NI Tax Holiday
Break would apply to small businesses' first ten recruits

Small business owners in the UK may want to keep a little something in mind the next time they get …

Upcoming Webcast Should Answer Tax Questions
IRS promotes program about ARRA credits, deductions, and incentives

Every so often, an IRS representative has reached out to SmallBusinessNewz, supplying helpful notices about upcoming events.  Yesterday, we got …

5 Tips for Maintaining Your Budget
It's dangerous to neglect your budget
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If asked, many small business owners would say that budgets are important and that they incorporate them into their business …

NASE Asks Congress For Simpler Tax Code, Forms
Certain changes would directly benefit entrepreneurs

Does the mention of 1040s and related forms cause you to shiver?  Well, if the National Association for the Self-Employed …

Protect Your Home-Based Business from Legal Concerns
Be proactive.

Many people cringe at the very thought or mention of legal issues. The truth is, in many cases, there is …

Internet Sales Tax Bills Might Mean Big Things For Small Biz
Online/offline equalizer could be good or bad

One of the more interesting things about buying products on the Internet may soon cease to exist.  Legislators are expected …