August 21, 2017


Online Retailer Implements IE7 Tax

June 14, 2012 Chad Sweely

Kogan (an online retail website where online shoppers can browse and buy tech-related products) has recently implemented a new process of getting its users to view their website with more up-to-date web browsers, so that their website can be viewed with the best productivity without running into design conflicts. The […]

Top Tax Cities According To Foursquare

April 13, 2012 Chad Sweely

As we all know, the deadline to have business and individual tax forms mailed in and submitted is not too far away. With this in mind, many of us that are the procrastination kind will flee to various tax preparing companies for help for the ambiguous tax-related questions that we […]

NSBA Calls For Tax Reform

April 11, 2011 Doug Caverly

With the aid of a program like TurboTax, some people are able to gather together fewer than a dozen pieces of paper and finish their taxes in around an hour.  But small business owners often aren’t nearly so lucky, as the results of a new survey from the National Small […]

Highmark Announces Health Care Reform Tax Calculator

March 23, 2011 Doug Caverly

The health care reform debate has seen politicians on both sides of the aisle throw around lots of big, dramatic ideas and accusations.  It has perhaps been hard to know what to believe.  A new calculator may let small business owners see exactly how health care reform will affect them, […]

How You Could Save This Tax Season

March 8, 2011 Abby Johnson

With the clock ticking away, tax time will be here before we know it. It’s usually a stressful time, since most everyone has the fear that they will forget something. Thanks to some new legislation that is detailed in the video below, this year might not be so bad after […]

Small Businesses Brush Off VAT Rise

February 7, 2011 Doug Caverly

Leading up to the VAT increase in the UK, more than a few experts (and poll participants) indicated that it would have serious detrimental effects on small businesses.  Fortunately, that doesn’t appear to have been the case, as the results of a new survey show small business owners haven’t seen […]

Small Business Owners Unhappy With UK VAT Rise

January 6, 2011 Doug Caverly

When trying to get elected, politicians generally either promise lower taxes or avoid the subject.  The average person just won’t support tax hikes.  And now that the UK government’s increased the VAT (value added tax) from 17.5 percent to 20.0 percent, the majority of small business owners say the change […]

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