July 30, 2016


Facebook Now Has 60 million Monthly Active Business Pages

July 29, 2016 Rich Ord

Facebook’s goal is to connect with everyone, yes every single person in the world. Not just that, but Facebook wants to connect to everyone at all times, in every waking moment. Facebook envisions a future where you will always be engaging with some part of the Facebook ecosystem, whether it’s […]

Why Podcasts Are Powerful For Small Business Marketing

May 10, 2016 Lana Richardson

In case you haven’t already heard, podcasts are kind of a big deal. Conversations that used to be dominated by ‘have you seen that new TV show?!”, have now evolved into ‘have you heard that new podcast?!’ And, as iTunes racks up a staggering one billion podcast subscribers, this once-cult […]

7 Quick Tips to Boost Your Facebook Ad Performance

May 29, 2012 Rene LeMerle

Facebook has proven to be a great source of cost effective traffic for many advertisers. But as the Facebook advertising market rapidly becomes more cluttered, the challenge is for business owners to make their campaign stand out. So here are 7 quick fire tips to help make your Facebook ad […]

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