How Would You Change Your Business, If You Didn’t Need To Earn A Penny?
Think About Your Business In A New Way

There’s real power in that question.

Why Your Competitors Are Winning
Proactively Initiate New Processes, Procedures And Experiences

Smart marketers employ some form of competitive research in an effort to better understand what they are up against.

You’re 1 step away from the business breakthrough you deserve
Are you playing follow the followers?

I have a very important question for you today – something that could provide you with the breakthrough you’ve been looking for.

The Freemium Business Model For Small Businesses
Standing Out From The Competition

Once upon a time, business was easy. You created a product, put a price on it and sold it. Competition …

Facing the Giants in Your Industry
Bigger doesn't always mean better

There has always been a rivalry between large businesses and small businesses. Large businesses seem to have all the breaks …

4 FREE Ways to Gather Marketing Intelligence
Find out info that will make your business better

Market research firms can be very helpful to businesses since they offer information regarding customers’ priorities, motivations, decision-making patterns, and …

6 Tips for Determining Your Pricing Structure
Find how if your price is right

Even if you have the best product or service in the world, if your price is wrong, it could really …

Lessons Learned from Watching American Idol

I’ll admit it…Over the last few years I’ve gotten pretty hooked on American Idol. While some consider it nothing more …

U.S. Trade Rep Assigned To Help Small Businesses
Senator talks domestic jobs, global competition

Small businesses now officially have one more friend in a high place.  Today, the United States Trade Representative created and …

Give Customers A Unique Selling Proposition

Want people to buy from your small business instead of your competition? Give them a good reason with a killer …

What You Can Learn from Amazon to Increase Holiday Sales
Don' Lose Out to the Competition

There is a reason Amazon is widely known as one of the biggest retailers online (if not the biggest). The …

How Well Do You Know Your Competition?
The more you know, the better off you'll be.

It really is true that in order to be successful in your business, you have to know your competition very …

Competitor Doesn’t Have to Mean Enemy
You May Find Benefits from Working Together

Though it may be tempting at times, it is probably in your best interest as a small business owner or …

Business Plan Part 6: Competitive Analysis
It's all about your competitive advantage

Before you write the Competitive Analysis portion of your Business Plan, you must  first conduct a thorough investigation of your …

Small Business Success By Innovation
Study Says Smaller Businesses in Better Position to Innovate

A new study has been released by Intuit and written by Emergent Research that shows a pressing need for small …

Differentiate Yourself From The Competition

If you study marketing at all, it doesn’t take long to discover you need a way to differentiate yourself from …

Offer What Others Don’t
You Can Dominate a Niche in Your Area

There is a small town (that shall remain nameless) that is near where I grew up. It’s small, but it …

When the Going Gets Tough, Try Harder
I know… I sound like a Mom

Instead of being referred to as a Mom (which I am nowhere even close to being), I prefer calling this …

Keep An Eye On Competing Small Businesses
Threats don't just come from corporate giants

There’s little doubt that big corporations sometimes steal ideas from small businesses, and after this occurs, the small businesses can …

Brick and Mortars: Small Town Vs. Big City
Which one is right for your business?

After my article about the small town video store with the strange business hours, I got some interesting comments, some …

When the Prospect Tells You They’re Going Elsewhere

First off, let’s give props to any prospect who takes the time to tell you that they have chosen someone …

Let Your Customers Down, Lose to the Big Brand
If you ignore them, why wouldn't they go to your competitors?

Back on March 17th, I posted an article about how timeliness is crucial when dealing with customers. The idea for …