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What Are You Trying to Achieve with SEO?

January 15, 2009 Chris Crum

SEO guru Rand Fishkin of SEOmoz has posted a great article looking at the different reasons a business would use search engine optimization tactics, and when and how to use each one. He looks at the following SEO objectives: – SEO for Raw Traffic – SEO for eCommerce Sales – […]

eBay Trying to Lure Back Sellers?

January 13, 2009 Chris Crum

I posted about this at WebProNews already, but I think the information is worth sharing here too. eBay is enforcing policy changes (again), in what seems like a cry to get abandoning users back selling with the auction site. Early in 2008, eBay made some notorious changes to its feedback […]

25 Articles from 2008 Worth Remembering

December 31, 2008 Chris Crum

Being New Years and all, I thought it would be fun to go back over some of the articles I have written for SmallBusinessNewz over the past year, and revisit some of the better ones. You may have missed some of them, and if not you may want to revisit […]

Customers Want Reviews, Free Shipping

December 19, 2008 Chris Crum

There are some interesting findings from both Nielsen and Hitwise recently made available. Both look at online shopping during the holiday season, and provide some insight into some things businesses trying to sell their goods and services online may want to consider. First of all, people want free shipping. While […]

Small Businesses Will Spend on Advertising in ’09

December 18, 2008 Chris Crum

Ad-ology has released some results from a Small Business Marketing Outlook survey it conducted, which found that in 2009, over a fourth of small business owners plan to spend more on advertising. Another 60% plan to spend about the same as they did this year. Somewhat surprisingly, most businesses (83%) […]

100 Tips for Growing Your Small Business

December 16, 2008 Chris Crum

Email marketing company Campaigner, which I have cited several times recently in other articles, has been piecing together a series of email marketing tips called "100 Days to Grow Your Business." This has basically been a countdown of tips leading up to the holidays. "Although designed for small business retailers, […]

Has Online Shopping Already Peaked for the Year?

December 10, 2008 Chris Crum

I would have thought that online shopping would peak on Cyber Monday or Black Friday, but it was actually a Sunday – November 30th, that the most people got online and shopped, at least in the UK. This information comes from Hitwise who has provided data about UK Internet traffic […]

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