August 18, 2017


GoDaddy Launches Small Business Colaborative Idea App

May 30, 2016 SmallBusinessNewz

GoDaddy launched a cool app today called Flare, so that entrepreneurs can gain needed feedback on new business ideas from their friends, experts and other small business owners. Flare is available immediately in the Apple App Store. It will launch in June on Google Play for Android devices. GoDaddy says […]

How an Entrepreneur Imagines the World

April 10, 2012 John Jantsch

I hang around with lots of small business owners and not all are what one would call entrepreneurs. In fact, many are simply people that happen to own a job that pays the bills. Don’t get me wrong, these are good people, really good people, but calling them entrepreneurs sort […]

6 Common Errors That Crush Small Businesses

January 27, 2012 Jim Connolly

After 17 years spent helping thousands of small businesses, here are 6 of the most common errors I’ve seen. Negative association. There is an undeniable link between how successful you will be, and the people you habitually associate with. Mix with pessimists and those lacking direction and one day, everything […]

The Joys of Working With Small Business Owners

November 1, 2011 Rich Brooks

Almost every day a small business owner comes into my office to share his or her dream with me. Sometimes they’ve already got a business, whether it’s a storefront, a home office, or a retail space. Other times it’s just an idea that they want to bounce off me to […]

How To Build A Great Business

September 8, 2011 Jim Connolly

Remember when you started your business? I’m guessing you were excited; exchanging the so-called security of being an employee, for the freedom and rewards of being your own boss.  It was the start of something new and inspiring for you. As you read this now, I hope you are enjoying […]

It’s Time to Purge the Word Entrepreneur

August 17, 2011 John Jantsch

There’s a long-standing debate in business circles about the difference between the use of the term entrepreneur vs. small business owner. The issue centers on the notion that if you’re an entrepreneur you care about high growth and if you’re a small business owner you’re somehow destined to struggle to […]

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