August 18, 2017


Google Updates Transparency Report on Copyright Removals

September 7, 2016 Rich Ord

Google released today an updated Transparency Report on their copyright removal requests from Google search results. These requests come from copyright owners who claim that sites linked to in Google search results are violating copyright laws. Often these pages are auto-scraped exact copies of a site trying to steal Google […]

Why Social Media Is More Than Just a Fad

April 1, 2011 Abby Johnson

How long did it take you to figure out that social media wasn’t just a fad? For some businesses, it didn’t take long. However, some businesses are still not convinced that there is actual business value in social media. More SmallBusinessNewz Videos As discussed in the above video, we do […]

How You Could Save This Tax Season

March 8, 2011 Abby Johnson

With the clock ticking away, tax time will be here before we know it. It’s usually a stressful time, since most everyone has the fear that they will forget something. Thanks to some new legislation that is detailed in the video below, this year might not be so bad after […]

American Small Business League Sues DHS

November 2, 2010 Doug Caverly

When government contracts are distributed, there’s often a concern that not enough of them go to small businesses.  Now, to ensure all the rules and regulations were followed in a situation involving Boeing, the American Small Business League has sued the Department of Homeland Security. According to the ASBL, DHS […]

U.S Files Suit Over SBA Loan Fraud

June 15, 2010 Mike Sachoff

The United States has filed False Claims Act counterclaims against Saehan Bank and crossclaims against Steve Yong Kim and Young Soon Kim for alleged loan fraud, the Justice Department said today. The United States also filed a counterclaim and crossclaim under the Financial Institutions Reform, Recovery and Enforcement Act. The […]

Yelp Responds To Extortion Allegations

March 5, 2010 Doug Caverly

Last week, we wrote about a lawsuit that’d been filed against Yelp.  The suit alleged that Yelp representatives would sometimes offer to remove negative reviews if businesses would buy ads.  Now, the CEO of Yelp has fired back (several times, actually), but a second suit’s been filed, too. CEO Jeremy […]

Valid Or Not Valid: The Truth about Contracts

March 1, 2010 Abby Johnson

According to the Business Dictionary, a contract is defined in part, as "Voluntary, deliberate, and legally enforceable (binding) agreement between two or more competent parties. A contractual relationship is evidenced by (1) an offer, (2) acceptance to the offer, and a valid (legal and valuable) consideration…" The valid part of […]

Class Action Suit Filed Against Yelp

February 24, 2010 Doug Caverly

A site that the average small business owner may regard as a potential friend has managed to make a couple of enemies.  A new class action suit claims that Yelp tried to demand money from a veterinary hospital in exchange for making the business’s reviews page look better. As explained […]

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