July 24, 2016


Google RankBrain Now Huge Factor in Search Results

June 27, 2016 SmallBusinessNewz

Danny Sullivan of SearchEngineLand wrote an interesting piece on how RankBrain has now become the third most important ranking factor behind content and links. According to a report on BackChannel RankBrain is being used on almost ALL search queries helping determine the most relevant results and their order: Google is […]

7 Ways to Increase Engagement on Your Website

November 19, 2012 John Jantsch

It can be a chore to drive traffic to your website. So, once you do gain a click through organic search, a referral or an ad, you need to you do what you can to keep them there long enough for them to dig in and see what you’ve got.

Getting Back Into Google’s Good Graces

September 15, 2011 Chris Crum

A lot of businesses have struggled with search, and sometimes make mistakes that pretty much render them invisible in the search engine or tossed out altogether. For example, buying links might not sound so bad if you’re not familiar with the ways of search, but it’s a huge no no […]

Google: Search Ads Drive 89% Incremental Traffic

August 9, 2011 Chris Crum

Google recently ran over 400 studies on paused AdWords accounts to figure out whether or not paid search campaigns cannibalize organic clicks. Google says they don’t.  We talked about this at WebProNews when this information was first released.  Today, Google is talking about these studies again, saying search ads drive […]

Google + Business Profiles and Updates to Place Pages

July 22, 2011 Chris Crum

Small businesses should be aware of two major developments from Google. For starters, I don’t know if you’ve been keeping up with all of the Google+ news, but the company has been shutting down the profiles of those that have been created for businesses. Right now, Google doesn’t want businesses […]

New Google Features Small Businesses Should Know About

June 15, 2011 Chris Crum

Google has been pretty busy launching products and features this week. As Google is an essential part of any online marketing strategy, we thought it would we be good to highlight some of the key features here. City Pages Google launched new City Pages, where people can browse a list […]

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