August 18, 2017


Scott Brown Joins Senate Small Business Committee

January 28, 2011 Doug Caverly

Small business owners who follow U.S. politics now have a new person to either cheer for or rail at, depending on their point of view.  Today, Senator Scott Brown joined the Senate Committee on Small Business and Entrepreneurship. Brown represents Massachusetts, if you’re curious, and also serves on the Senate […]

A Credit Card Bill That Would Actually Be Good

September 25, 2008 Chris Crum

Yesterday, Doug discussed business credit-building pointers, quoting Tyson Elliott who named making sure you have a business credit card as the most basic step. Unfortunatley, credit card companies don’t always play fair, and that is a notion that has sparked the House of Representatives to approve a bill to keep […]

Senate To SBA: Here’s $107 Million

July 15, 2008 Doug Caverly

The last round of news about the Senate, small businesses, and a great deal of funding dealt with $101 million that had to go through the Appropriations Committee.  Now, here’s some good news: $107 million is on its way instead. The Senate intentionally went above and beyond the President’s original […]

Snowe Touts Small Business Help From Congress

April 29, 2008 David A. Utter

Senator Olympia Snowe said economic uncertainty motivated Senate Democrats to push for changes to help small businesses with a couple of significant issues. Granted, it’s likely a staffer from Snowe’s office composed the entry at The Hill Blog, but the information therein merits attention. A couple of updates to legislation […]