August 21, 2017


SBA Launches Mentoring Program For Startups

February 17, 2011 Mike Sachoff

The U.S Small Business Administration has launched an initiative to get current business owners to mentor and support startups and entrepreneurs and help them become the next generation of American companies. As part of the White House’s Startup America initiative, the Entrepreneurial Mentor Corps (EMC) is aiming to support more […]

5 Tips for Encouraging Innovation

January 21, 2011 Abby Johnson

How is your business doing with innovation? Is it slow, or is your business pumping out innovations like Apple and Google? Most likely, your business is not like either of the named tech giants, and if it were, you probably wouldn’t be visiting this SMB website. More SmallBusinessNewz Videos However, […]

Gen Y Forecast To “Fuel Small Business Growth”

January 18, 2011 Doug Caverly

When it comes to small firms that’ll be created in the next five years, members of Generation Y will be behind more of them than any other demographic, judging from a new report.  Employers (the insurance specialist that takes an all-caps approach to writing its own name) found that a […]

What Startups Do and Do Not Need

July 1, 2010 Abby Johnson

What does it take to start a business? There are some things that one business would consider important that another business would not. However, there are also some fundamentals with starting a business. Chris Dixon, a well-known angel investor and entrepreneur, has had his share of experience with startups and […]

Things To Ask Youself Before Starting a Business

May 7, 2009 Chris Crum

ReadWriteStart, a new channel from ReadWriteWeb has a nice list up about 10 things to be clear about before you start a company. I thought this would be worth sharing here at SmallBusinessNewz. I’m not going to get into each of them like they do (just check out the article).  […]

Small Business Social Media Adoption

November 25, 2008 Chris Crum

Last week Vertical Response discussed results from a survey it conducted, which looked at how startups fare in adoption of social media and online marketing practices, versus their more established counterparts. Key findings from the survey include: –  85% of startups use social media tools (including blogs, social networks, Facebook, […]

Most Entrepreneurs Fail.

September 12, 2008 Chris Crum

Browsing through my feeds this morning, I came across an interesting little list from Rich Whittle at the Business Opportunities Weblog, though it originated from The list is of 5 mistakes that entrepreneurs make. Without getting into all of the details of the post, the list goes: 1. […]

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