August 18, 2017


Where Are Small Businesses Spending Their Marketing Budgets?

December 13, 2011 Chris Crum

Microsoft is sharing some survey results from BIA/Kelsey about small businesses. The results were presented at the ILM West conference in San Francisco. The main takeaways are as follows: Based on responses to the survey, local media spend in the US is forecasted to hit $149.4B in 2015 with $37.9B […]

Small Businesses Still Hesitant When It Comes To Hiring

November 4, 2011 Josh Wolford

The economy still seems to be affecting small businesses – especially when it comes to growth and the hiring of new employees. According to the CBIZ Small Business Emplyoment Index (SBEI), a barometer for hiring trends, October saw a decrease in hiring among companies with 300 employees or fewer.  In […]

Small Business Optimism Lowest of the Year

October 24, 2011 Chris Crum

There’s a new small business owner optimism survey out from Wells Fargo, and it’s not the prettiest.  Small business owner optimism for the future has fallen to its lowest point of the year, according to the survey. The survey was conducted early in the month, but future expectations have been […]

Small Business CEOs Predict Continued Economic Slowdown

September 28, 2011 Josh Wolford

It appears that small to mid sized business CEOs aren’t very optimistic about the pace of economic growth, in fact they expect the current economic situation to persist looking forward at least a year. Vistage has released their quarterly CEO Confidence Index – a survey consisting of 1,710 CEOs from […]

Most Businesses Unprepared for Data Disasters, Says Survey

September 16, 2011 Chris Crum

New research from Carbonite finds that the majority of small businesses are not prepared for a data disaster. "Disaster is something that happens to someone else, right? That’s what SMBs seem to think, as new research from Carbonite, Inc. points to overwhelming states of unpreparedness throughout the SMB community," a […]

Older People Flocking to Facebook, Other Social Networks

August 31, 2011 Josh Wolford

The Pew Internet Project has just released some findings from a survey it conducted over a one month period that give us a look into the shifting demographics of the world of social media. The main takeaway:  Social media use within the older demographic is on the rise. That’s right, […]

Very Few Small Business Owners Say Social Media “A Must”

August 10, 2011 Josh Wolford

As we sit firmly entrenched in the social media revolution, many small and medium sized businesses have taken cues from larger corporations when it comes to building a presence. Is social media integration a good idea for small business?  Is it a necessity?  A recent survey concludes that despite its […]

Businesses Acquiring Funding, Yet Optimism Still Declines

August 4, 2011 Josh Wolford

The latest business feedback survey from the National Small Business Association comes as the stock market has one of its worst days in recent memory. U.S. stocks took a dive today in the biggest drop since the 2008 financial crisis.  The Dow Jones Industrial Average dropped over 500 points as […]

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