August 20, 2017

The Analytics of Customer Loyalty

Customer loyalty can be a crucial part of business, and there are many ways to keep customers coming back. It starts with providing a good experience for customers the first time around, but on the web, that isn’t always enough, simply due to the incredible variety of competitors available at the customers’ fingertips.

Hopefully you already have a site and are using some kind of analytics program to constantly gage your site’s performance. What you may or may not have thought of is that you can use analytics to track customer loyalty and use the data you capture to improve upon your online strategies.

Watch this video from Google’s Analytics Evangelist Avinash Kaushik. He really puts the whole thing into perspective.

Kaushik says that many people look at averages, and the problem with that is that averages lie. That is why using visitor loyalty reports is a great way to figure out what content and traffic sources drive repeat visitors to your site. You can put the data from a visitor loyalty report into an advanced segment and apply that segment to your core reports to get a better grasp on what content and traffic sources are working. Then of course, you can apply this information to how you optimize your site and promotion strategies.

Visitor Loyalty Reports

Google has actually started a series about "speeding up your business" on the Google Inside AdSense Blog. And this information (along with some other valuable tips) comes from the first in the series, which will be showcased each Thursday on the blog for five weeks. It would not hurt to keep up with that.

"We’ll be revisiting the basics of online publishing to help you grow your business, and we’ll share tips about using AdSense and other Google products that you can apply to your business now," says Talia Brodecki of AdSense Product Marketing. "In the coming Thursdays, you can look forward to tips for making your site more user-friendly, bringing in more visitors, increasing your revenue potential, and attracting more advertiser budget."

Customer loyalty is only part of the battle for online success. It will be quite interesting to see what other advice Google provides to businesses in the coming weeks. With Google playing such a significant role in how consumers find online content. Any online business (or business that has any kind of an online presence whatsoever) would do well to pay attention to what Google says. You can also follow the series here.

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