May 1, 2016

The Good and Bad of Marketing with Twitter

Like most channels, Twitter has its good qualities and its flaws when it comes to marketing. Why don’t we look at a few from each category?

Reasons Twitter is Good for Marketing

– People can "opt in" to follow your Tweets, so your messages will be well targeted

Social networks have taken over email in terms of popularity. Twitter is a very popular one.

– Twitter itself is growing rapidly

– Look at how grew its traffic by 1332% in one day by switching to a Tweet stream.

– Great channel for customer service if you keep up with it.

– One channel with which to announce news

– Lets you interact with the public while increasing brand awareness

Real-time search is going to rise to demand

Reasons Twitter Could Be Better for Marketing

SEOBook author Aaron Wall ran an article back in January that does make some good points about ways marketing through Twitter is less than spectacular:

– There are so many messages coming through, it’s hard to keep a loyal following (at least with having all your stuff read) the way you can with a blog.

– The high volume of messages also pushes messages down rapidly

– "If you dominate a channel and keep reaching the same people over and over again that does help provide social proof of value, but after seeing the same message 5 or 10 times it becomes noise."

–  "Most people do not have automated mechanisms to dump their daily Tweets / Tweet links into their blog to provide trusted direct links"

– "People rarely use Twitter as a bookmarking service, so it is rarely worth searching into yesterday’s content. The Twitter content is very zen-like…here today, gone today."

Wall does acknowledge that Twitter is still a nice complimentary tool for exposure. I would agree that it’s probably not wise to rely solely on Twitter for your marketing efforts, but there are plenty of good reasons to incorporate it into your strategy. If anybody has more ideas as to why Twitter is either good or bad for marketing, please let us know in the comments.

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7 Comments on The Good and Bad of Marketing with Twitter

  1. Hi:

    As I read today’s article – another great bit of information about Twitter – it reminded me of just how much great info. you provide all the time. I just wanted to say thank you for keeping it fresh and current. I’ve been in the internet business for a long time and feel sort of like an old dog with all the new stuff that keeps coming out every day. Sometimes it seems a bit overwhelming. Thanks for keeping me on track with what to pay attention to right now.

    Again thank you,




  2. I joined Twitter back in August of 08, but really did not start using it until about a month ago. I have been pleasantly surprised on the results. I’ve connected with several new clients and continues to drive traffic to my site and blog.

  3. I had been wanting to sign up with twitter for a while now and I received your email yesterday which was my sign to go ahead and just do it.

    So far I am really enjoying the experience.  I use it for rss blogging and I think it’s a great way to keep up with whats going on with other people I’m following.  Wonderful resource information.  For me it’s definitely more business, but I realize that for some it’s simply just a fun way to communicate.

    I find that it can be extremely annoying to be caught in the middle of someone elses tweets that you have absolutely no interest in what they are discussing… it’s like open email conversations and I am just not into small talk (good or bad?).  It’s weird on that level.

    The upside is that it is great exposure and another cool way to get to know people and have them get to know you.

    What are you doing? lol… (so robotron) it’s pretty different which may very well be why I like it.

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