August 20, 2017

This is so wonderful that I had to tell you!

Are you looking for a massively better way to attract high quality business leads? If you just answered yes AND you love the idea of never having to ‘push’ your services on anyone, this post is just for you.

Best in town? Aim higher!

If your business sells muffins, it’s no longer good enough to make the best muffins in town. People don’t spend their entire lives in town, they go to other towns, cities and countries. They are comparing your muffins with their overall muffin experience. You need to aim higher than ‘the best in town’. Yes, your muffins need to be wonderful. They need to taste and look wonderful. The experience of buying muffins from your store needs to be wonderful.

When people buy muffins like that from a store like that, it leaves them wanting to share the news. This is where the magic is.

Why good isn’t good enough

Most accountants, web designers, training providers and coaches, etc, provide services which sound, look and feel incredibly similar. They are good, very good, just like many of their competitors. That’s the challenge!

Most small business owners do not leave people feeling compelled to tell their friends and business contacts, how wonderful they are. So, they end up having to push an average message themselves, because the marketplace isn’t inspired enough to do it for them.

Instead of making their service wonderful, they go to networking events or join networking groups – to push an average message along with other group members, who have the exact same problem.

That’s a time consuming, expensive, unpredictable and extremely low leverage way to get the leads your business needs.

From good to wonderful

If you want your marketplace to talk enthusiastically about you, you need to go from ‘very good’ to wonderful. If you’d like some ideas on how to make that transition, think about what others have done, which got YOU talking about them for all the right reasons.

Here are a few places to look for inspiration:

  • Who was the last person you spoke with, who left such a great impression on you that you HAD to tell people?
  • What was the last customer service experience you received, which was so amazing that you HAD to tell people?
  • What was the last service you used, which was so exceptional that you HAD to tell people?
  • What was the last product you bought, where the value was so immense that you HAD to tell people?
  • What was the last act of kindness, which touched you so much that you HAD to tell people?
  • What was the last business or brand, who exceeded your expectations so much that you HAD to tell people?

Write your answers down and look for the things, which made you feel compelled to talk about them. You’re not looking for cut and paste answers here, but inspiration to do something wonderful yourself, based on what already works.

Over to you!

So, which brands, products or services have impressed you so much, that you HAD to tell people?



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  1. Thanks for this insightful article. Most businesses these days do not offer exceptional service, especially if they are massive and corner the market. Its usually great prices that get customers talking but even this falls away when service is shoddy.

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