August 23, 2017

U.S. Government Targets Small Businesses That Hire Illegal Immigrants

The U.S. government is worried about businesses that knowingly employ illegal immigrants and is taking strong measures to crack down on the practice. 

This week, the government sent over 1,000 notices to companies all across the country that notified them of impending audits of their hiring records.  The audits, called "I-9" audits, are usually targeted at businesses that play a major role in national security.  The businesses that get I-9 audits come from a wide variety of industries such as banking, energy, IT, and transportation according to CNN.

More businesses, both large and small, are being audited this year than ever before.  Last year, U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) perfumed 2,196 audits.  That was up from 1,444 in 2009 and only 500 in 2008.  This year, there have already been 2,300 and it’s only June. 

It looks like the hiring of illegals became a bigger issue in Washington with the hiring of Janet Napolitano as Secretary of Homeland Security in 2009. 

"The inspections will touch on employers of all sizes and in every state in the nation, with an emphasis on businesses related to critical infrastructure and key resources," ICE public affairs spokeswoman Gillian Christensen said to CNN.

There’s no word on what specific businesses were targeted to be audited this time. 

Just how much of a problem is the hiring of illegal immigrants within small businesses?  The motivations for doing such are pretty obvious.  Not only do you have a workforce that you can pay less, but you also have one that can’t take their problems anywhere.  The ability to exploit illegals without a method is recourse is definitely a problem.

But on the other hand, illegal immigrants have families.  And they need to feed, clothe and shelter those families.  If someone can do a job well and wants to work, is it wrong to let them work? 

The response to this point usually comes in the form of American job loss.  Unemployment is high right now, and some argue that illegals immigrants are taking American jobs. 

One state is taking some pretty extreme measures to curtail their illegal immigration problem.  Alabama just passed a bill that many are calling the harshest in the country.  The bill would strengthen laws against employing illegal immigrants and well as make it a crime to rent to them if you are a landlord.  A provision would even make transporting illegals a crime. 

Proponents say that the bill is about American unemployment.  Opponents say that the bill is an attack on every aspect of an immigrant’s life. 

Either way, it looks like the U.S. government is serious about eliminating the hiring of illegals.  Is this a huge problem in communities?  Do you have any experience with this issue?  Lets us know what you think. 

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20 Comments on U.S. Government Targets Small Businesses That Hire Illegal Immigrants

  1. If an immigrant is here illegally, it is definitely WRONG to employ them. A business that employs illegal immigrants them should be heavily fined.

  2. This county does not need any more ditch digggers or nail pounders. What we need are doctors and dentist because there are few doctors worth what they think they are and there is not any dentist, all are scum. And the only solution to that is to trade our scum bags for yours. I have to go over seas every time I need a dentist. Leave your worthless hammering or shoveling ass at home. Tell the smart dentist he is welcome if he does not get americanized.

  3. I think that places that hire illegal  immigrants should be fined heavy for turning their back on american people that need employment. There are so many homeless people right here that need work. Some would probably work just for a meal find someway to help them out.

  4. My business is too small to hire anyone so I do all the work with little help from my girlfriend. I do know of some businesses that do hire illegals and here are the reasons:

    1. It is a family member of the owner that needs help

    2. It is a friend of a friend that needs help.

    3. There aren’t anyone that they can find to do the work for them other than an illegal alien.

    4. The paperwork to hire someone is too extensive and workmans comp insurance adds extra costs to the business so its just easier to pay cash.

    5. The business owner wants to pay the illegal immigrant/alien less than minimum wage or a very low fee and feels like they have the power to do so. (this is rare and unfair)

    There are more reasons why people hire illegals but these are the basic ones. I do think that the state needs to make less paperwork for the business owner from what I’ve seen other business owners go through. I think that by elimating costs and paperwork that people would start doing things legitimately. I do think that all of the reasons to hire an illegal can be wrong if looked in the eyes of the law but especially number 5. If you do know someone that does this they are not an honest person and I would advise you to not be their friend, have any ties to them not support their business. This is so wrong and immoral that it’s not funny. How would you feel if you were in their shoes? Would you like to get cut short on your dollar?

  5. Having lived on the U.S / Mexico border for virtually all my life, I saw illegal immigration take place on a daily basis.  For every illegal alien the Border Patrol caught, 7 to 10 made it into the country without any problem.  The true number of illegals that we hear in the press isn’t 11-12 million.  A more accurate number would be anywhere betweeen 18-22 million.

    Contrary to what the liberal media would have us to believe, many Hispanics feel illegal immigration is hurting them as well.  They are againsts illegals and feel they should enter the country legally, apply for citizenship and do what is necessary to gain it.    In fact, Hispanics that did things the right way are more appreciative of what this country has to offer and are really better citizens than those who were born here.  They vote,  contribut to society, learn the language and are more in tune to what is going on than most folks realize.  They are proud of being an American.

    Since I grew up in a community 90% Hispanic, I often spoke with them about these issues.  They are of the opinion that employers who hire illegals should be penalized for breaking the law.  They too feel politicians are just trying to buy the vote with their liberal ideologies that illegals should be given an easy path to citizenship and be forgiven of their "sins" for breaking the laws of this country.

  6. Always Nice to see spam, Thanks KK Printing, Don’t know what you expect to gain from this, probally did more harm than good, which is good, maybe people who see this spam will boycott your company.

  7. "But on the other hand, illegal immigrants have families.  And they need to feed, clothe and shelter those families.  If someone can do a job well and wants to work, is it wrong to let them work? "

    What about the American who also has a  family? Just brush them aside so the corrupt and greedy can have their way.

    Look, the corruption and greedyness has to stop. If Americans, (yes i am and have always been one), don’t stop acting so stupid, and start caring about one another in this country, America will become Mexico, Next time you vote, think hard, is this just another Obama or Bush, or is this a person who really cares about me and my countries well being. You people who keep pandering to the large corporations money ad’s are killing this country, while making the rich, richer, and making yourself poorer, do you really like that?

  8. Yes.  It is wrong to hire an illegal immigrant.  We are a country of laws.  If we are not going to enforce the law, then the law becomes irrelevant.  If the law is irrelevant, then why should I obey them.

  9. allow them to work and get straight here.(legal) …
    if we dont like to have illegals in this country our american companies shouldnt make business overseas come guys, we can go and affect other country life style but no one can come to try to make a living or survive? the life isnt perfect, isnt jsut black and white…

  10. I spent over $12,000 and 4 years to bring my wife here and get her green card. So I believe that the USA should fine companies at least $25,000 per illegal and use that money to cut the cost of coming here the legal way. But justice in the USA is a rare thing!

  11. My two cents: Of course it’s wrong for companies to hire illegals. It’s also wrong for us as a nation to force extra hardships upon them. But having said that, this is not just a national problem – it’s international: The larger issue is the basic flaws regarding the concept and creation of money and value within the system itself:

    First and foremost is fractional reserve banking. Explaining why is a bit too involved for a simple blog post – but do a google video search for: Money as Debt. Usury is the problem that’s at the root of almost all our social ills… Why are we selling money to a private bank -The Federal Reserve – and then buying it back at interest? Shouldn’t our government simply print interest free money to begin with?

    Secondly, international anti-exploitation labor laws need to be implemented and enforced, Why are all our jobs being shipped to India & China? It’s not hard to figure out why when the bulk of their workers are  being paid less than $100 per month…

    Lastly, about taxes: The disparate tax rates from one country to the next needs to be flattened across the board. Even if we fixed the labor exploitation problems, we’d still need to make sure that no one country has a "tax advantage". In addition, closing down the international tax loopholes and secret banks in places like the Caymans will go a long way in fixing this mess.

    Certainly, there are other issues to consider, but these strike me as the three largest hurdles that must be faced. Playing political do-se-doe just doesn’t cut it. People are dying out there.

  12. Well there is a lot a place to work,but you stupid americans dont want to move your fat ass to do some,so shut fuck up 

  13. …..The illegal immigrants are very persistent.

    So persistent that most of them wait for opportunities in the actual stores – Imagine you’re driving to work, you see a bunch of immigrants waiting outside of lets say – Hollywood Video. Next day, you see the same thing again, rinse and repeat the whole week.

    In my area, I see it all the time.

  14. if you fucking foreiners.  Are like locust your agenda and disrespect is no longer tollerable ,us fat ass americans have compassion, but you people have take, take, take. its sad that your own government cant keep up with todays issues and only produses criminal, modern day pirates, low lifes. If us Americans would send you bastards back to where you came from america would be a better place. for those who want to be american and not here just  to get  welfare they dont need, a program started for American vets who died in combat to make sure there family was taken care of. Not intended for immagration handouts . Do other countrys offer a check  are programs when you move there? No! Most of you abuse are kindness and take more than you need .you also take stundets jobs , like mc dondalds. wendys.ect. sad  that corperations/ franchise owners do this. its sad that us americans have allowed you people  to take, disrespect us. this is our country and we will take it back.

    one locust at a time!

  15. Ive been working at resteraunt for 9 years. Out of a toal of 24 employees only 3 that i know are legal. The rest from mexico, speak barely or no english, they are mean, they steal from us and now because their getting half their pay under the table, their working for less than min. wage & the owner is cutting my hours from 4 days to day a week. WHAT CAN I DO..,…,iM GOING CRAZY HERE IN CALIFORNIA

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