August 23, 2017

Utilizing User-Generated Content To Increase Conversion & SEO

For businesses, ‘conversion’ is the most important word when dealing with the online space. After all, what’s the point of having all of these blogs, e-commerce sites, and social media accounts if you’re not converting customers?

Knowing the importance of conversion, and knowing how to be successful at it are completely different beasts. Which is why if you search “improve online conversion rate”, you’re met with a swell of results, most of which will provide you with the same kind of advice.

I’m sure you’ve read plenty of blog posts telling you to keep usability in mind, provide good customer service, and keep geography in mind. However, there’s once tactic which hasn’t been mentioned by many, suggested by MarketingSherpa. Allow your user-generated content to convert for you.

According to the report, an e-commerce site based around coffee has tried this tactic, and have seen their conversion rates skyrocket. Unlike sites who might provide the option for a comment or review section, ‘Coffee for Less’ the site which was profile, encourages their readers to write reviews and even provides them help to write effective reviews.

Since they’ve switched to this method, they’ve seen conversion rates increase by 125%. Also, organic search traffic has increased by 10% due to all the reviews being crawled by the search engines.

It isn’t enough to just give your users the option to comment or review, Coffee for Less utilizes five tactics when executing their user-generated content strategy. First, make sure that your reviews are search-friendly, and allow voting.

Along with making them as visible as possible, make you are moderating comments for more than being spam and profanity. If you’re looking to get certain types of content out of users, don’t allow them to post comments/reviews that are off-topic. It isn’t advisable to moderate content that’s simply negative, but make sure they’re being negative towards the topic you’re wanting to present.

Something that the site provided users, which I thought was interesting is teaching your users how to write good reviews. They did this by providing detailed instructions on how to write reviews, and also promotes reviews to let people know how to do it right.

Their final tactic is pretty well known, and is something businesses have been doing for years now; providing incentives to review. This can be giving away cash for user-generated content or giving away products.

It can be very difficult to produce content in such a way to completely turn around a business’ conversion rate. So why bother to do it on your own, when users have so much more power than you do, and can provide greater incentives for people to convert through your business online.

4 Comments on Utilizing User-Generated Content To Increase Conversion & SEO

  1. I have always believed that the customer is always right. I had not thought about allowing user reviews to increase traffic and conversion rates.

    It makes sense when people are engaged and feel valued they will come back and invite others. Thanks for the tips.


  2. Consumers often trust user reviews more than ‘official’ reviews made by establishments or critics. This is especially true for household items, cosmetics and gadgets. When using this conversion technique, though, brands should anticipate negative reviews as well.

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