August 21, 2017

Virgin America Launches Small Business Rewards Program

Traveling long distances can be miserable in many ways.  Dealing with security, a crowded airport, a noisy plane cabin, and then a hotel room where who knows what has happened is no fun at all.  To make the situation a little better, though, Virgin America has launched a rewards program for small businesses.

We’ll admit right now: this won’t help firms that don’t send people places on a regular basis.  Also, it won’t even give eligible firms that fantastic a deal.

Money’s money, though, and this writer is of the opinion that any discount on a product or service you’ll use anyway is a good one.

So on to the details of the offer.  Virgin America said in a statement, "As a participant of Elevate, Inc., now smaller businesses that spend a minimum of $20,000 a year on Virgin America travel can earn 3 percent of total spend on Virgin America flights at the end of each year, which will be automatically applied to future travel.  Companies have the option of booking through their travel agent’s Global Distribution System, or directly through the Virgin America Web site."

Also, if anybody’s interested, the statement added, "As of today, Virgin America is also offering special fares to its new business markets including Dallas-Fort Worth International Airport (DFW) and Chicago O’Hare International Airport (ORD)."  (Just book the flight by March 21st.)

Anyway, good luck saving money (and staying clean, healthy, and sane) however you wind up traveling if you find that business trips can’t be avoided.

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