August 23, 2017

What Are the Advantages to Electronic Business Cards?

A simple Google search will clearly show that there is a wide variety of places to get electronic business cards. But should e-business cards even be used?

After reading an article at ReadWriteWeb by Sarah Perez about e-Business Cards in the real world, I am not so sure. To be perfectly honest, this isn’t a subject I’ve given a lot of thought to in the past. I’ve never personally used one or received one.

Perhaps it’s just because they do not accommodate the practicality of a simple old-fashioned printed card. This is a factor Perez mentions. "Exchanging paper cards is much faster than tapping away at a mobile phone, so there will be several times where you’ll be tempted to just break out the paper product if it’s at hand," she says.

She’s right. There are just too many variables with e-Business cards, and none of them I can think of point to reasons to use them unless you’re just trying to save paper and go green.

If you want to be in the recipient’s digital world, just include the info on your printed card. I’ve discussed this before. Include your social network contacts, and obviously your email address.

I don’t want to come off as totally anti-e-business card here. I don’t see anything wrong with having them as an option, but relying on them solely doesn’t seem like the wisest choice to me. Like I said though, I have never used them, and perhaps there are advantages that I am missing as a result. What are your thoughts on this?

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3 Comments on What Are the Advantages to Electronic Business Cards?

  1.  Over the past 20+ years of business I’ve learned to never say never to something new. I’ve embraced dozens of new ideas and discarded nearly as many. I have to agree (at least for today) and say that I don’t see e-business cards as having much of a future.

  2. Electronic Business Cards look similar to their paper counterparts and can be shared just as easily. An Electronic Business Card is another view of a contact that captures specific information from the contact and allows the user to share that information with other people in a highly recognizable form. By doing the following, the user can create a new card or make changes to an existing card.

  3. In which world and era do you live if not aware of new technology, green peace and importance of growth. Besides being far more cost effective.
    Do you want to stand on the side line or in cold whilst around you things are changing. Digital cards might be new but here to stay & grow every day, month & year.

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