When Was The Last Time Your Website Was Tested?

When was the last time you had other people test your Website? If you’re answer is never, there’s no time like the present. Because while you may think your site makes perfect sense, you’re too close to it to be objective. It might not seem the same way to someone who doesn’t know thing one about what you do or sell.

The solution? Ask a few other people to review your site and answer—at a minimum—the following questions:

> What do I sell or do?
> Who is my target market?
> On a scale of 1-10, how easy it is to find and buy what you want, or take the next step towards hiring me?
> What’s the single, biggest idea or piece of information you’ve taken away from my Website?

You’ll be surprised at how often people’s answers won’t match your own beliefs about your Website. But armed with this knowledge you can make your site better.



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