August 20, 2017

Why You’re Doing B2B Social Media All Wrong

Social media is finally becoming a norm for businesses. Unfortunately, that doesn’t mean you’re doing it right. While social media may come naturally to the consumer, it isn’t quite as simple for businesses, especially B2B businesses. Reaching other companies becomes more difficult than simply engaging with your average consumer.

That doesn’t mean, however, that B2B social media is out of the question. It just means that it’s time you switch things up a bit. Consider these three key points when evaluating the effectiveness of your social media presence.

You Don’t Have Quality Content

While Google changes its search algorithms every other day, it’s safe to say that their biggest complaint is a lack of quality content. With black hat SEO becoming more prominent, it’s important that you don’t put yourself in that category.

If, however, you don’t have an apt content team to handle this task, it’s critical that you hire an SEO Marketing company to do it for you because quality content is important in a number of aspects.

  • Your customers: Even if they are businesses, they still need to learn about the products you sell. Whether you do this on your website or maintain a corporate blog, be sure that your content is adding value. This is not the place to be selling yourself – this is where you become more valuable than the competitor.
  • Google: The authenticity and quality of content is now on Google’s radar more than ever. Penalizations for link heavy, black hat content include loss of page rank, loss of spot in search engines, or loss of indexation all together.

You Are Overselling

I understand that social media is a place for you to sell yourself – with that many customers within your reach, it’s silly not to. However, there comes a point when your posts get ignored because it’s just another advertisement or pushy sales pitch. Business2Community says, “The more emotionally connected your audience feels to your organization, the more likely they will be to buy from you.”

  • Interact: Share photos, ask questions, and thank customers for following you. Share valuable content: Don’t just post blog articles or guides from your site. Share other people’s content, share articles you enjoy, etc.
  • Be interesting: Ask thought provoking questions, put up funny cartoons, or be a little controversial. While you want to generally stay on message within your niche, you don’t want to become stale or boring.

Your Structure Needs Tweaking

So you’ve created hundreds of blog posts, sent them out to the world, yet you’re not getting much interaction. Perhaps that’s because business writing is very different from blog or guide writing. These styles need to be casual, easy to digest and effortless to skim. Consider these techniques when you pen your next post.

  • Casual style: Your posts can utilize some slang terms, dash usage and everyday language. Even though your customers are businesses, they’re humans too.
  • Short paragraphs: This makes the post easy to run through.
  • Bullet points: Customers are happy when they can pick out the bits of information they care about and not waste time. Reading through long paragraphs is not ideal and can turn your customers off.
  • Digestable: The content must be easy to digest. You want your customers to walk away feeling they’ve learned something without being bogged down.

B2B social media can be tough to master. When your target audience is other businesses, it’s hard to know who you’re writing for, whom you’re selling to or what they really want. At the end of the day, if you present yourself as human, though, you’ll be more likely to find success in social media.



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  1. The above points are excellent. I have found the best way to communicate is to name a person I am speaking with and write the article to that person.

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