Wix: A Design Application Especially For You

You can do it!

Wix is an online application that allows anyone to create professional quality websites and content including Flash and widgets. The application was intended specifically for small businesses, family websites, blogs, and more.

Wix gives users the option to either create original content from scratch or follow one of several samples. Users can create their own content consisting of audio, video, animation, images, music, and text.

This content can also be published as websites, on social networks, or on blogs.

Wix co-CEO Allon Bloch said:

"Until now, users required a certain level of coding experience to develop these kinds of widgets and sites. Wix puts unrestrained quality web design in the hands of everyone – it’s an outlet for unlimited creative expression that’s as fun as playing a video game."

We spoke with Mr. Bloch by way of a phone interview and he explained how the websites produced through Wix are also SEO friendly due to an "html container" surrounding each Flash-based site.

"They [html containers] allow all the text that’s in the site to be pulled out…  This [html container] allows you to move up the ranks with search engines just as if you were a regular html site."

Wix is currently being offered in open beta for free. Find out much more on Wix in the SmallBusinessNewz video report.

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