August 18, 2017

Yandex Unveils Yandex.Money Debit Card

Yesterday, the well-known Russian Internet provider Yandex announced that they will be releasing Yandex.Money cards for their customers. Users of these new cards can acquire a free MasterCard debit card that can be tethered to their Yandex.Money account. This new system can be used to purchase items both on and offline.

The new Yandex.Money card is accepted all around the globe and can be used in any store or restaurant where payment via MasterCard is accepted. Yandex.Money cardholders can also withdraw cash from any ATM using a PIN that the users can request from Yandex. This way, the Yandex.Money card is great for traveling purposes, because it stands alone and does not interact with any other cards or accounts the user owns.

Natalia Khaitina, Deputy CEO of Yandex.Money, gave the following statement while discussing the new Yandex.Money card:

“Yandex.Money now takes a leap from the internet to the offline world. Instead of carrying cash in your wallet, you can now have a Yandex.Money card to do your shopping offline as safely as you do it online. Yandex.Money is a convenient way to pay anywhere you go.”

This new quality card from Yandex is issued for a three-year period including no service/transaction fees (other than a cash withdrawal fee of 3% plus 15 rubles).

Yandex.Money cardholders have the advantage of easily tracking their transactions through the Yandex.Money website or by subscribing to text alerts. The Yandex.Money website also provides users around the world to buy a Yandex.Money card, because it is open to everyone and not just the Russian public and is issued by Yandex‘s partner bank, Tinkoff Credit Systems.

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6 Comments on Yandex Unveils Yandex.Money Debit Card

  1. Is a pitty that the Yandex site is completely in Russian. If this new card is now offered globally (I was interested on knowing more about it) they should provide a global website with at least 2 more languages besides Russian. Regards.

  2. It looks like a not inexpensive system at 3% plus handling fee. If it is possible to make payments between accounts though it could be very useful indeed.

    If this helps the Russian language internet to expand payment options then this will be very handy. I will keep an eye on it because it might expand our marketing reach.

  3. I live in Russia and use Yandex money, but always when the money comes, I immediately transfer it to another e-wallet. Yandex Money is not reliable and it can be easy to cracked so I use PayPal

  4. This is clearly a start for the small Russian business that wants to conduct international business transactions and trade

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