June 27, 2017

“Your Mama is Making Me Money…”

Guess what’s coming in exactly 12 days. Sunday, May 11th. Ringing any bells? 

Are you ready for Mother's Day?That would be Mother’s Day of course, the day of the year when tons of consumers come to you, the small business owner, with intentions of spending money to let their mommies know that they are appreciated. Are you prepared?

"Well that doesn’t include me. I sell lawnmower engines," you might say to yourself.

I’m not going to go into too much depth about why your business can still benefit from this. I’ve written that article before.

Mother’s day should be huge for brick and mortar stores, so if your business does fall into a niche that moms are interested in, it will be a great time for a sale, because every mom that I’ve ever met loves to shop (you might want to run one for a few days after Mother’s Day).

Email marketing company Constant Contact conducted a survey  (pdf) that shows that businesses, as a result of the economy, are expecting less sales than last year’s Mother’s Day. In fact, the number of businesses with high sales expectations has dropped 18%, but there are still more that have high expectations than low.

I personally don’t see Mother’s Day sales falling too much, because I don’t expect the majority of consumers to skip buying their mother a gift because gas prices are higher.

Following are a few sample questions and results from Constant Contact’s survey:

Do you anticipate a strong Mother’s Day season in sales for your business?

Yes – 55%
No – 45%

Do you anticipate your Mother’s Day sales to be higher or lower in 2008 versus last year?

Higher – 44%
Lower – 22%
Same – 34%

What do you think will be the most popular item during this year’s Mother’s Day season?

Flowers – 37%
Meal at a Restaurant – 25%
Spa/salon appointment – 21%
Jewelry – 13%
Clothing – 4%

Do you feel that the U.S. tax stimulus refund being sent out in May will help increase sales for your business?

Yes – 38%
No – 62%

You can see the full results of the survey here (pdf).

Regardless of what your expectations are for Mother’s Day sales, you should still acknowledge that the day is coming, and start taking steps immediately if you’re not already, to maximize your profits.What are your expectations for Mother’s Day?

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